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Begun in 2007 by Jarrod Marsden, Marsden Engineering has expanded into a new 1100 m² workshop; ME now has a professional mechanical design engineer (MIPENZ) and a new range of “Marsdezyn” (Marsden Design) products.

The flagship product is the Marsdezyn Cow Lodge System (patent pending 622443NZ), a revolutionary new concept in Dairy Herd Management, building up in several investment stages from a basic Feed Pad into a sophisticated, cost-effective, 24/7 Cow Accommodation building. Together with all of its equipment, the Cow Lodge is designed and made right here in Canterbury, utilising local suppliers and components. Our equipment may also be purchased separately for DIY Barn builders or for general farm use; this includes the Moo-sseuse rotary Cow Brush, Cleanfast tipping water troughs, Dung-Outautomatic floor and channel scraper systems, and the like. This equipment is robust, well designed, competitively priced, and easily serviced using local parts and resources – you will never be left stranded waiting on a special imported widget from a foreign supplier.

Various other unique and inventive Marsdezyn products are also on this site, and the range is constantly expanding, so come back occasionally and see what’s new.

Marsden Eng also executes a variety of project works such as structural and general steelwork, machinery repairs and alterations, pipework fabrication, conveyors, and making special purpose machines and devices to meet customer needs.

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