Cleanfast Watering
Tip Trough

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The Marsdezyn Cleanfast Watering Trough.

Marsdens own design Tipping Water Trough

Cows drink a lot, up to 5 litres of water for every litre of milk they produce; and they are messy drinkers! Their water troughs quickly fill with grunge, which taints the water and is unhygienic; frequent cleaning is essential, but time consuming. However, a well designed tip trough reduces cleaning time to seconds. Check out these Marsdezyn Cleanfast Tipping Water Trough features:

  • Well balanced for easy tipping; rubber buffers for quiet landing

  • Security latch holds firmly down, even if a cow steps in it

  • Rounded trough lips are kind to a Cow’s throat

  • Shallow fill with ample freeboard, minimises water waste

  • High capacity 20mm diaphragm float valve keeps pace with the thirstiest cows

  • The valve is covered, but removed without tools in seconds for service (no loose fasteners)

  • Tidy wall mount leaves ample clear space underneath for floor cleaning

  • All stainless steel construction with robust plastic bearings

  • Troughs up to 3.6m long, and double-trough options, give the maximum bang-for-buck in $ per cow drink space

  • Anti-glare finish available for bright sunny locations

  • Quantity discounts for multiple purchases

  • It can be used as a hygienic feed trough