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Replacing seized idler rollers under troughed conveyor belts is easy, you just lift the belt and lift the roller shaft out of its retaining slots. Easy, that is, until you get to the loading area, where the belt is held down by chutes and skirting. Now what? Lots of costly dismantling, that’s what—until now.

Divide and Conquer!

The Marsdezyn DIVIDLER is a divided Idler mounted on a slide rail, so that you can slide the bracket out to where you can get at the rollers easily, then slide it back in again. You can even do it without disturbing the tracking alignment. Dividlers can be retrofitted to replace existing idlers, often without even removing the belt; you only need 7mm* extra height to fit the rail underneath.
*(Height increase may exceed 7mm with some large idler units).