Cow Brush

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The Marsden Moo-ssuese Cow Brush.

The best way to pamper your cow.
Cows naturally need to scratch themselves 3 to 6 times daily, mostly to relieve skin irritation; but when confined to treeless paddocks, or barns, this is a problem.                                                     Why Provide your cow with a Massage Brush?

  • Brushing relieves itches without damaging fences and equipment
  • Sweeps away parasites and dirt

  • Massaging stimulates healthy blood flow helping to reduce incidence of mastitis, improves wakefulness improving feeding and milk output, and improves general wellbeing—a happy cow is a productive cow!

Why Choose the Marsdezyn Moo-sseuse Rotary Cow Brush?

No other Automatic Cow Brush has all of these Marsdezyn features:

  • 2-Axis Swing gives excellent body coverage

  • Overlapping shaft safety guard substantially reduces hair tangling hazard (see video)

  • IP55 weatherproof electrics — can be installed outside

  • Remove or exchange all mechanical workings without an electrician (no unwiring)

  • Brush can be turned end-for-end for even wear to maximise life

  • Brush removed in seconds with a single spanner

  • Brush can be re-bristled, avoiding replacement cost

  • All NZ designed and manufactured, using local components for easy servicing

  • Quiet, robust helical gearing with high overhung load rating to shrug-off abuse

  • Lube-for-life—maintenance free

  • Options include a 3-pin 10 amp single phase power outlet for maintenance tools

  • Robust lasered-plate construction, resists damage from over-enthusiastic cows

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