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A new range of economic, problem-solving Marsdezyn products is now available; both Standard Designs and SPECIALS to your requirements. Call now for a quote or for more information on any of these:

80-50 End Type Roratry Union 3

  • Slik-Skreen Self-Cleaning Submerged Suction-Pipe Screen, ideal for irrigation take-offs, in clean water or effluent. Superior, slick perforated stainless screen element resists entanglement with fibrous debris, unlike wedge-wire or mesh screens. The internal rotating backwash sparge is less prone to entanglement and stalling than rotating screens with fixed internal sprays. The optional in-built foot-valve system saves the cost, weight, and bulk, of fitting an external ball-check valve; and it has lower pressure-drop than a flap-type check valve fitted in the pipeline.
  • All NZ made, from stainless steel. 100NB and 150NB sizes available now; ┬álarger units are on the drawing board, and should be available soon.
  • Rotary Unions for water supply to Rotary Yard Gates and the like. Standard 80NB/50NB End-Mounted Union available now; other sizes on request. Side-Exit type will be available soon.
  • Swivel Pipe Joints for flanged pipes from 100NB to 250NB; ideal for swinging suction pipes into irrigation canals or effluent ponds available soon. (Call for an update)
  • Unwedger special pipe spool, for removing Meters etc from rigid pipe installations, such as in buried pipelines between thrust blocks. Available now from 100NB to 250NB; larger units will be considered on request.

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Marsdezyn Pipeline Gadgets